I would like to dedicate this poem to Tim Van Dusen of Flute Spirit Flutes.
His drive for perfection is a constant inspiration to me.

Listening to music has always been an important factor in my life. I've always wanted to actually be able to
make my own music. Above all else I enjoy the music created by the Native American style flute.

When I first tried to play this instrument, I became frustrated in my attempts to reproduce what I had heard played by others. Tim decided that he would make one for me, using a style that would be easy to play and maintain. He has since devoted himself to teaching me how to play the instrument which he made. His patience in this regard has been monumental. I have found his flutes to be exceptional in both their volume and quality of sound. As a result, Iíve been able to make small strides.

During one of our times together, he told me of his feelings about how the flute was an extension of the tree in making itís music. To create this poem, I have tried to imagine myself as the tree  - to feel as the tree, and to put that feeling to paper.

As you share your breath with the tree, I hope you too will feel what I feel.

Frank Van Dusen