right-click mouse on link and then choose  "save as"  to
download to your PC. This is a  50meg  wav file that I
ripped directly from the original CD. With a fast internet
connection you may be able to play it live,  by clicking
the link with the left mouse button to load the file directly
into the windows media player.

I recorded this back in august of  2001  during a raging
thunderstorm that came through elverson pennsylvania.
As you may notice, by the sound of my cat attempting
to "sing along" in the background, I was really caught,
unprepared so you'll just have to accept it for what it is.

Recording was made with a  series 1b  red cedar flute
tuned to key of E. I set one microphone on my window-sill
and tied another to the flute near the sound-hole. The
two microphones were then run to a mackie mixer which was
connected to an alesis sound processor to add a little
reverb, and then on to a Sony CD burner.