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SERIES 1b Colored

A very unique Western Cedar Painted flute. These flutes have all of the features of the regular Series-1b flutes except they are painted with brilliant colors. Currently limited to two base colors - White and Black - with the white having the option of brilliant titanium white or pearlescent. A contrasting color is then added. A portion of the wood is left showing in the finger-hole area. Many colors are available for the accent color.

These instruments are signed by me and have a serial number along with a photographic record kept by me that matches the grain pattern to the serial number. Included is playing instructions and a little technical information concering this flute.

There is a spare binding leather tied to the end of the flute (the foot) which not only adds to the appearance of the flute, but is a handy replacement for the main piece that binds the fetish to the flute in the event it should become lost or broken.

A 10-minute recording of me playing a flute of the same series, wood, and in the same key is available for an additional fee of $10. The recording is available on CD or cassette tape. If interested, please ask for it when you place your order.

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