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Due to it's length, this flute can be played even by kids or other people without long arms, even in the lower key of E.

A popular flute. This instrument is typically made from Western Cedar. A very nice voice is obtained due mostly to the excellent resonating properties of this fine wood. This wood is very durable. It is available in a choice of other woods and finishes as well. The second most common is the Eastern Red Cedar. However, I recommend the Western Cedar coated with a high gloss exterior type urethane finish. That is the wood and finish used for my personal flute that I carry with me most of the time. Woods other than the two cedars are also available for an additional charge. Other finishes are also available.

This instrument is signed by me and has a serial number along with a photographic record kept by me that matches the grain pattern to the serial number. Included is playing instructions and a little technical information concering this flute.

There is a spare binding leather tied to the end of the flute (the foot) which not only adds to the appearance of the flute, but is a handy replacement for the main piece that binds the fetish to the flute in the event it should become lost or broken.

A 10-minute recording of me playing a flute of the same series, wood, and in the same key is available for an additional fee of $10. The recording is available on CD or cassette tape. If interested, please ask for it when you place your order.

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