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SERIES 3b Curly Maple

This flute is a bit heavier than most of the others. Depending on the choice of wood it is amongst one of the most durable wooden flutes made. The curly maple version isn't quite as durable as a wood such as poplar but is still very rugged.

This flute has a very nice voice. I typically give this instrument a somewhat   "airy"   yet very   "robust"   sound quality which matches the appearance of the instrument. Although that is the preferred voicing for this particular flute, other voicings are available upon request. Other woods are also available for an additional charge.

A 10-minute recording of me playing a flute of the same series, wood, and in the same key is available for an additional fee of $10. The recording is available on CD or cassette tape. If interested, please ask for it when you place your order.

Subject to availability.

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